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Artists Are Always Right has received several inquires regarding the topic
addressed in the first FEEDBACK letter.

I have enjoyed Artists Are Always Right from the start! While I'm not an artist, I enjoy
everything artistic. I'm surprised that guest artists haven't taken advantage of the
opportunity of being featured in the SPOTLIGHT.

Harry J.

(Editor's reply: The original intention for Artists Are Always Right was to feature other
artists in the SPOTLIGHT by way of their submissions. Unfortunately, the submissions
that we have received thus far have not met the requirements for being featured.
While submissions are still welcome from artists who are serious about being accepted,
Artists Are Always Right
will continue to provide the reader with other interesting and
informative features.)

I enjoyed your Partners In Life And Art SPOTLIGHT in the March/April issue.
My husband and I also fit that description. I'm a painter and he is a musician. As you
expressed in the feature, a marriage between two artists can be both a blessing as
well as a challenge!

Kay M.

(Editor's reply: I try to concentrate on the blessing part.)

I'm ordering a "retro" Evergreen Keepsake ( for my parents
who celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary two years ago. Great idea!

Carly A.

Just want to say how much I enjoy Artists Are Always Right. Looking forward to more!

Hannah H.