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Regarding your November/December 2019 SPOTLIGHT (Peace on Earth), maybe
artists will eventually bring about Peace on Earth by their example? What do you think?

Tom B.

(Editor's reply: I don't know, but it sure would be worth a try. After all, the non-artists
haven't come close to attaining it!)

I was born with zero-percent artistic talent and one-hundred percent artistic appreciation.
I can't get enough of art! I'm always looking for quality things to look at. That's how I
stumbled across your journal. You have a new subscriber!

Janice L.

It's interesting how you incorporate all artistic disciplines into one journal. I enjoy each issue!

Kevin R.

I wore my new Artists Are Always Right sweatshirt to my photography club holiday party
and received several nice compliments! I'll be ordering a T-shirt for warm weather.

Carol B.