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Congratulations to the three winners in the "What is art to me?" contest.
The following are their responses.

To me, art is an expression of the soul, told in a way that others can see, hear, or read.

Jennifer M.

I started painting about two years ago. I never had any real interest in art while attending
high school. Since then, I have had many years of trouble. Art has been my salvation.
Art saved me.

Todd A.

What is art to me? Art is laughter, tears, happiness, and a wonderful glimpse into the
potential of the human spirit.

Donna A.

The following FEEDBACK letters are either in response to the contest or other topics.

As a non-artist, going to art museums and galleries is an escape from the ugly-side of life.

Dan F.

Art is pure joy for me!

Carol S.

To me, art is as important as breathing.

Allen W.

My husband gave me an Artists Are Always Right Sweatshirt for Christmas. I've only
worn it a few times so far, but have received several compliments!

Carla M.

I enjoyed The Art of Love Songs spotlight in the January/February issue very much.
The list was excellent! It prompted me to listen to the songs again, both online as well
as on recordings that I own. Thank you!

Melissa C.

You've written about classic movies. What's your opinion of today's movies?

Sandy R.

(Editor's reply: My short answer is this. I don't consider much of today's cinema to be art.
Many are full of CGI and little more. Not much in the way of real, human emotion. Little to
convey beyond assaulting the senses. There are exceptions, of course, but not very often.

Hollywood is, in my opinion, a pale memory of a long forgotten dream. I personally believe
that the future of cinema lies in the creativity of independent filmmakers. These artists no
longer need to live or work in Hollywood.
They may be living in small towns and cities in
New England, the Midwest, far as my own future film plans are concerned...the
State of Delaware.)