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I own a DVD of On Golden Pond but hadn't watched it in many years. After reading the
, in the May/June issue, I dusted off my copy and watched it. Like you said,
it was like visiting an old friend. I enjoyed it all over again!

Scott M.

I had never seen the movie On Golden Pond, but because of the SPOTLIGHT featuring
it, I recently watched it. A great movie! Thank you!

Kaitlin R.

Thank you for the May/June On Golden Pond SPOTLIGHT. That movie is on my top ten
list of greatest movies. It's hard to watch it without laughing and crying.

Sandy O.

I'm not being critical but, regarding your comments on technology in the May/June
...without technology there wouldn't be an Artists Are Always Right online

Paul R.

(Editor's reply: True, but unlike folks glued to their smart phones, I'm not looking at
the Artists Are Always Right website 75 times a day. Instead, I'm spending that time
looking at nature.)