Your interpretation of your Grand Teton photograph (September/October Spotlight) was most interesting!
I plan on ordering a fine art print. Thank you.

Sarah J

I liked your story about Arnf in the September/October Up Front. Funny and appropriate for an artist
journal. Keep up the good work!

Alison K.

Artists have been screwed throughout time. Arnf wasn't the first to recognize this fact. On second thought,
maybe he was the first! Funny and interesting!

Karl A.

I just discovered Artists Are Always Right. What was it like to meet and learn from an artist such as
Eliot Porter as you mentioned in the premier spotlight article?

Tom P.

(Editor's reply: I plan on sharing more of my thoughts on Eliot Porter in an upcoming issue.)

The wonderful and amazing things that artists create are why humans are here. We come here to show
the beauty of life.

Paul F.

(Editor's reply: I couldn't agree with you more!)

I work in an art supply store. It's refreshing to see a journal such as Artists Are Always Right that digs
deep into what art is all about!

Sandy F.

I went to your website last night. As a vegetarian, I definitely appreciated your
observations on that subject! Your views on greed, war, etc. really made me think! And some of your
humorous observations are hysterical! Thanks for the laughs!

Benny W.

I used to live near Grand Teton National Park. I know how beautiful it is. As an amateur photographer
with ambitions, I'm a bit jealous that an east coast artist could do me one better. Oh well! It gives me
something to shoot for!

Josh B.

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