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The FEEDBACK page is a way for readers to comment on past issues, the Artists Are Always
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FEEDBACK letters should not exceed 100 words in length. Letters may only be sent in
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Email your submission for the FEEDBACK page to: schwartzart [at] (replace the
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Please enter FEEDBACK SUBMISSION in the subject line of the email.
Your November/December 2023 SPOTLIGHT, Hope For The Future, was the perfect holiday
gift for your readers! Thank you.

Lane C.


The SPOTLIGHT on Hope in the November/December issue was most appropriate and
welcome as we head into a very challenging new year. Hopefully, the creative people who
wrote the observations you featured are wishing us well!

Bobbie J.


What a beautifully optimistic theme for the November/December issue!

Carol M.


Regarding your November/December 2023 SPOTLIGHT titled...Hope For The Future.
The world, as it is at this moment in time, is in dire shape! Hope appears to be our only...hope.

Raymond J.


We want to wish you both a very happy holiday season. Thank you for another fantastic year
of Artists Are Always Right!

Phil and Marie P.


I'm writing to say how much I enjoy your journal. I hope you have a joyous holiday and a great
new year!

Kate J.


We could all use hope during the difficult times in which we find ourselves. Thank you for the
Hope For The Future
SPOTLIGHT in the November/December 2023 issue.

Harry A.


What a perfect SPOTLIGHT theme for the holiday issue. Hope For The Future is the present
we could all use!

Georgia F.


I'm new to Artists Are Always Right. I just want to say how much I especially liked the
in the November/December 2022 issue…Some Actors Have Four Legs. I have
long admired the work of Frank Inn who is perhaps best known for his famous canine, Higgins
("Benji") and many other animal actors. I hope to become a professional animal trainer working
in the film industry who treats four-legged actors with the kindness Mr. Inn was known for.

Olivia T.

(Editor's reply: Frank Inn certainly had a talent working with many different animal actors.
I wish you great success should you follow him in his "pawsteps".)


2023 was a great year for Artists Are Always Right. I was "enlightened" by each issue. I am
looking forward to 2024 with much anticipation!

Warren S.