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I found it interesting how you connected the problems we are facing in today's world with the problems
Vincent van Gogh faced in his personal life. Spring definitely holds promise...both literally and metaphorically!

Maggie O.


Your SPOTLIGHT...van Gogh's Promise of Spring...was very well presented and enlightening.

Larry D.


Artists Are Always Right
always keep me guessing. I never know what you will be showcasing, but I do know
that it will be interesting and informative. Thank you.

Pam S.


While the March/April SPOTLIGHT featuring the springtime paintings of Vincent van Gogh was enjoyable,
it was also sad knowing how he had to deal with the serious problems in his life. It is comforting to know that
while his pain is now gone, his paintings live on. A testimony to the power of art!

Jacob T.


Each issue of Artists Are Always Right is like fuel for my creative engine. Keep up the superb work!

Jim R.


Thank you for a well written March/April SPOTLIGHT. I have admired Vincent van Gogh's accomplishments
as an artist for many years. How he was able to create such beautiful paintings while being tormented by his
personal demons is a mystery to me. I know that many people believe that artists have to suffer in order to
be creative...but come on!

Eddie W.


I look forward to each issue of Artists Are Always Right. Your insightful SPOTLIGHT features are always
fascinating. As you expressed in your book, To Be An Artist...I too feel as if I have been an artist my entire
life, even though I have only become seriously interested in pursuing my passion as a photographer (mostly
black and white still life) professionally the last few years. The creative thoughts you express in your journal
are most valuable to someone such as myself. The March/April 2024 SPOTLIGHT on Vincent van Gogh's
work is no exception.

Sherri J.


Your SPOTLIGHT...van Gogh's Promise of Spring...was like a breath of fresh air in a smog-filled world!
can be a very powerful force during difficult times!

Harry P.


This is my first time sending a FEEDBACK comment. I just want to say how much I enjoy your journal.
Artists Are Always Right
offers much in the way of creative encouragement. Thank you!

Taylor J.


Vincent van Gogh's paintings in the March/April SPOTLIGHT are delightful expressions of the promise of
spring. Thanks for a reminder that positive change can come as suddenly as the change of the seasons!

Ted H.