I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I appreciate art. I enjoy going to museums and galleries
as well as looking at websites such as Artists Are Always Right.

I felt compelled to say how much I enjoyed looking at Karen's photographs in the March Artist Spotlight. I also
enjoyed looking at Douglas' photographs in the premiere issue. Beautiful photographs - both! I'm looking forward
to future issues!

B. Callahan

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Karen Schwartz's photography in the March Artist Spotlight. I am also a close-up
photographer and I agree with her when she wrote that the smaller subjects in nature are as magnificent as a
mountain. Her leaf in mud photograph is indeed beautiful!

I own a few fine art prints by photographers that I admire. I will be asking Santa for a fine art print of Karen's
photograph for Christmas!

K. Springer

I am a 76 year old artist living in Nebraska. I worked most of my life in jobs that I didn't like in order to make
a living. All that time I continued to create my art in my spare time. I have a large body of work now. These are
acrylic paintings. I also have what I refer to as poems that accompany each painting.

I would like to have my art shown on your journal. I hope to send in a submission soon.

P. Boggs

While everyone knows that the right hemisphere of the human brain is the creative side, I have a theory on the
no-mans land region between the right and left. Is this the place where thoughts try to decide if they are artistic
enough to move right?

I'm just joking, of course. Then again, who knows. One thing is certain. Without art, this world would surely be
a terrible place! Keep up the charge!

T. Rodgers

As a bass guitarist, I am intrigued by Artists Are Always Right. Most musicians that I know feel a bit left-out
regarding the notion that only painters and such are "artists". I know that times have changed but it still feels
like that to a degree.

It's nice to see how you've included musicians and other non-painters in your journal. Without musical artists,
there would be no score to accompany movies.

T. Anson

There is so much misinformation and general crap out there these days about artists. It's nice to see an outlet
for the truth!

I belong to an art league and most of the other artists (mostly painters, photographers and sculptors) seem to
feel as I do. As tough as it is to get your work seen, it's even tougher to find an outlet that isn't looking for an
easy way to rip-off artists. Your journal looks like an honest option!

I will be telling my associates about your journal.

D. Johansson

As someone who does not like "smart phones" for many reasons (health and privacy concerns in particular),
I'm glad to see that your journal is geared towards larger screen computers. Like you said in your premiere
up-front, art shouldn't be shrunk down to such a small size for smart phones.

While I admit that I'm not a very talented artist yet (I'm only 20 years old), I am intensely directed to improving
my craft. I am constantly looking to other more established artists for guidance and inspiration. I'll keep
checking in to Artists Are Always Right for such.


A. Mossberg

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