Welcome to the all-new Artists Are Always Right! Well, not really all that new. Let's just say,
updated. I've made a few changes and tidied up a bit. As I wrote in the Premiere February
2018 UP FRONT...this journal (like all things in life) will evolve...and so it has. This issue's
will be a divergence from previous ones, and many other exciting presentations
are planned.

While the primary purpose of this journal remains the same...to celebrate artists and the
artistic process
...the manner in which this will be presented will be expanded to include as
many artists and artistic mediums as possible. As an artist with numerous interests and
experiences, I can't wait! This expansion will include Artist Collaborations as well as
Special Features
such as the one in this issue's SPOTLIGHT. Lastly, due to numerous
requests, more Inside The Image spotlight features are in the works.

I remain more than willing to feature Guest Artists in the SPOTLIGHT whose quality of work and adherence to the guidelines
on the SUBMISSIONS page is matched. If you are up to the challenge, let me hear from you!

February will mark the one year anniversary of Artists Are Always Right! A momentous occasion, indeed! Not wanting to litter
the landscape with confetti, I will instead celebrate the anniversary with a contest for all readers...both artists and non-artists alike.

For this first UP FRONT of 2019, I would like to get your FEEDBACK on the following question: What is art to me?

Like I said, you don't have to be an artist to respond. Everyone is welcome, providing you follow the guidelines for FEEDBACK
submissions on the SUBMISSIONS page. Be sure to mention the question, "What is art to me?" in your FEEDBACK response.
I intend to publish some of your responses to the question in the March/April issue. As an incentive for your effort, we will be giving
a complimentary Artists Are Always Right T-Shirt in the size of your choice to the first three people whose FEEDBACK
submissions are selected for publication! If you are a winner, you will be notified by email and provided with the opportunity to
inform us of the shirt size you want (your choice of size must be one of the sizes currently available on the ORDER page).
Good luck to everyone!

Winter is a magical time for me. I expressed my fascination with an important aspect of the season in the last issue with my
Magic of Snow
SPOTLIGHT. To further demonstrate my love of winter's visual magic, I'm proud to announce the very first in a
new series of posters available on our SchwartzNaturePhotography.com website. The title of this premiere poster is...
Winter Path
I'm a romantic at heart. Being an artist, how could I not be? If I am not moved emotionally by the beauty, harmony, or emotional
tranquility of a scene...whether that "scene" is visual, literary, musical or otherwise...then I might as well give up and relegate
myself to a life of eating cheese curls and little more.

What I am attempting to transition to here is the subject for this issue's SPOTLIGHT feature...The Art of Love Songs.
Naturally, the approaching February 14th holiday known as Valentine's Day played a significant role in choosing this topic.
Like I said, I'm a romantic! What can I say?

Love songs have probably been around, in one form or another, for as long as there has been love. I suspect that when ancient
cavemen fell in love, they eventually discovered that it was far better (and legally permissible) to pound on a rock or primitive
drum while grunting their thoughts in an effort to express their love for the cave women, rather than pound on the heads of the
women with clubs and drag them home unconscious by their hair. I'm sure the cave women must have thought so too!
Since that time long ago, numerous musical instruments have been created giving both songwriters and musicians far greater
creative control.

In doing my research on the subject, I soon found out how very difficult it would be to select which songs of love to include.
There are many! Trying to narrow my choices down to the few to be spotlighted was not easy. I hope you approve of my choices.
If you have suggestions on others I didn't include, let me know.

In keeping with the topic of this issue's SPOTLIGHT, I will close with observation number 335 from the SchwartzShirts.com

"Love is real. Everything else is smoke and mirrors."  

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                                                 Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

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