Welcome to the first issue of Artists Are Always Right for the new
year! I hope that things are going as well as possible for all of you!

It took a lot of hard work, but I am very pleased to announce that
The Creative Nature Photography Workshop
book is now
available! I can honestly say that this fully-updated 2021 edition is
even better than the first edition published in 2006. I invite anyone
who has a passion for photographing the wonders of nature, as
Karen and I do, to check it out. You can find it on the ORDER
PAGE of Artists Are Always Right as well as on our Schwartz
Nature Photography
website (schwartznaturephotography.com).
Longtime readers know that I've presented several of the popular  "Inside The Image" SPOTLIGHT
features in past issue's of Artists Are Always Right. Because I am so proud of our creative accom-
plishment, this issue's SPOTLIGHT will feature a special "Inside The Book" look at The Creative
Nature Photography Workshop
. I will be sharing a bit of the behind the scenes of the project as well
as some of what the book is about. While creative nature photography is the subject, the process of
how the book came into being and what it has to say should be of interest to all artists who dare to
navigate creative waters.

The SUBMISSIONS page has been updated for this first issue of the new year. This update
specifically involves the removal of the guidelines for submitting as a guest artist in the SPOTLIGHT.
As I've mentioned several times previously, the submissions which we have received have all fallen
short of meeting the guidelines.

I can only speculate that the reason for this has a lot to do with the fast-paced, social media world
in which we are living. Perhaps many artists these days are in so much of a hurry that they don't
have the time to put together complete and coherent submissions. They are too busy tweeting and
texting short, and for the most part, meaningless messages. They don't realize that messages such
as those are temporary, whereas the accomplishments of true artists are timeless.

In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Artists Are Always Right has continued to develop into what
it is today and, I might add, is becoming more and more popular in the process. The success of this
journal does not surprise me. As a lifelong artist, I know full well that any art project is its own director.
The artist must allow it to grow and evolve as it wishes. This is precisely what has happened to
Artists Are Always Right
...and I am very proud of the result!

Even though the SPOTLIGHT guidelines for guest artists have been removed from the
page, I am still open to the possibility of featuring other talented contemporary
visual, literary or performing artists,
who are committed to their art and who want to take the time to
share their story
. If you are an artist who fits this description and wishes to be featured, send me an
email describing who you are, your artistic medium, and why you would like to be featured.

The guidelines for the popular FEEDBACK page as well as ON THE FRONT PAGE remain on the
page. I always enjoy hearing from our readers and sharing what you have to say.
This issue's FEEDBACK page features several of your interesting comments.

Lastly, as we all fly together into a new year, let us hope that our voyage will be much smoother than
what was experienced by the comical duo featured ON THE FRONT PAGE, and that our ultimate
destination will be a very healthy and happy one!

I will close this UP FRONT with observation number 604 from the SchwartzShirts.com website.
I've shared this observation with you before, but I feel it bears repeating at this time because of
what it has to say.

"Anyone can destroy. It takes an enlightened person to create."

Until we connect again...

                                                                                     Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

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